Biogas energy is a reliable and cost effective alternative to natural gas and centralized electricity supply.

As a raw material in this case we use, manure, bird droppings, beet pulp, faecal precipitates, ammunition waste, grass, household waste, dairy waste — salty and sweet milk serum, waste biodiesel production, juice production waste, starch and molasses, waste processing potatoes, chips production etc.

The key technology partner of PRO ENERGY is HoSt, a Netherlands company. HoSt specialization is a turnkey construction of modern biogas complexes that convert the energy of organic matter into electrical and thermal energy, and also refine biogas to a natural level that is analogous to natural gas and can be used as fuel.

Together with HoSt specialists, PRO ENERGY guarantees:

— design of industrial biogas plants;

— development of technical documentation;

— construction;

— supply of equipment;

— installation of equipment;

-adjustment works and output to the working mode;

— customer's personnel training.

Types of PRO ENERGY biogas plants are:


Benefits of the Microferm concept are that it allows you to burn manure on a small scale and turn it into sustainable energy. The main strength of this concept lies in simplicity, low risk and relatively low investment.


Biogas plants designed for anaerobic treatment of manure and agricultural products (corn, straw, herbs, etc.) in combination with food industry waste.


 In these industrial biogas plants, organic waste currents are digested without the addition of manure. These systems are designed for processing slaughterhouse waste, industrial and municipal primary and secondary sludge, unpacked food products, and industrial food products.