The use of biomass for receiving thermal or electric energy is environmentally friendly, modern, cost-effective, but provided choosing the right technical solution. Our work begins with determining the quantity and characteristics of biomass that is available. Depending on the type of biomass and its characteristics, the appropriate combustion technology is used.

The equipment used by our specialists is selected by many criteria, including:

  • by type of biomass: pure wood chips, wood waste, wood pellets, peanuts (from husk of sunflower, from straw grain crops, etc.), baled straw (corn, wheat, soya, etc.);
  • in accordance with the energy needs (electricity or heat);
  • by type of heat agent (steam, water, superheated water, thermal oil);
  • for energy projects — in accordance with the technology for obtaining electricity (traditional steam combined heat and power plant, Renkin organic cycle thermal power plant, both on thermal oil and water);
  • on the technology of combustion — traditional, on a fire grate; in a cyclone furnace; with gasification, etc.

Steam and hot water boilers

  • The range of thermal power equipment used in our projects ranges from 500 kW to 25 MW (one boiler) for flue gas boilers and from 5 to 100 MW (one boiler) for water pipe boilers.
  • Projects of boiler houses are realized both for heating of buildings and districts and for steaming for technological processes.
  • Foreign and domestic equipment are used in projects, which has positive references and considerable experience of exploitation on similar objects.

Power plants for biofuels

  • According to the project design, solutions for CHP can be offered with condensation and anti-pressure turbines, with the installation of an OCR on a thermal oil or with the installation of a screw extension.
  • Technologies for receiving electricity from biomass used in our projects are tested for long-term operation on already realized objects.
  • Taking into account the specifics of biomass as a fuel, the concept of maximum automation of processes and minimization of the number of personnel involved in the technological processes of CHP.
  • The range of electric power of the CHP plant on biomass that our company can offer differs from 500 kW to 30 MW.

Wide selection of biomass as a fuel

Equipment used by Pro-Energy in projects can burn various types of biomass:

  • with a moisture content of up to 55%;
  • with the size of the fraction from the dusty to 150 mm;
  • with a low melting point of ash.

Pro-Energy, together with its partners, has extensive experience in combustion equipment for complex biomass such as: B-wood, Cereal straw, Sunflower husk, Chicken manure, and RDF.