For today in Ukraine, there is a problem of inefficient use of energy resources in the industrial and in the housing sectors. In the period when heat prices increase, the implementation of energy efficient measures is extremely important. The Pro-Energy team offers a modern engineering approach to address this issue. d others.

District Heating Substations

PRO-ENERGY company has experience in implementing complex projects for the reconstruction of district heating systems and indoor heating systems by modernizing and reconstruction of the district heating substations in multi-apartment residential buildings.

These projects were implemented on the initiative of District Heating companies and with the support of international financial institutions.

We provide:

  • project management and contracting;
  • development of design and estimates for reconditioning of DHS;
  • selection of the main and auxiliary equipment of the DHS;
  • organization of logistics and customs clearance of the equipment;
  • execution of installation works;
  • commissioning of DHS;
  • training of the Employer's personnel;
  • maintenance of DHS.

Our company has completed four projects for the production and supply of individual heat points in various cities of Ukraine over the past three years.

More details on DHS projects are given in section "Projects" in the "Energy Saving" category.

Heat cost allocators and Billing

A large number of multi-apartment residential buildings in Ukraine have a vertical heating system. Until now, the inhabitants of such houses were not able to implement heating accounting per apartment and pay only for their consumption.

Since 2017 in Ukraine it is allowed to install heat cost allocators, with the help of which it is possible to introduce apartment accounting of heat in houses with a vertical heating system.

What is the Heat Cost Allocator?

Heat Coast Allocator is an electronic device with two temperature sensors mounted on each radiator in the apartment and determines the percentage of heat consumption of each radiator from the total amount of heat consumed by the whole building.

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