NEFCO — DemoUkrainaDH — Supply of 18 IHP in the Chernivtsi City

Chernivtsi, Ukraine
December 2017 - May 2018
  • Client:
  • CHERNIVTSI TEPLOKOMUNENERGO, Municipal Council Utility
  • Partners:
  • BRUNATA OOD (Bulgaria)

Production and supply of the 18 district heating substation (DHS) to specified facilities in Chernivtsi City, assistance in the elaboration of the design and estimate documentation, supervision of installation, commissioning of DHS, as well as training of the Purchaser’s personnel for the ussng of installed equipment.

Preparation of technical conditions, project proposals, conducting of scientific researches and feasibility studies on objects:

  • Research and analysis of the Customer's technical requirements for an individual heating point (hereinafter referred to as «ITP»).
  • Development of technical conditions for the choice of equipment for ITP.
  • Comparison of technical and economic characteristics of component equipment for ITP.
  • Analysis of the possibility of placing and connecting the ITP to the engineering networks at the Client's objects.

Technical documentation development, development of basic and structural design of objects:

  • Development of the basic schemes of ITP objects for the Client.
  • Approval of principal schemes with the Customer and the Client.
  • Performing the calculation of heat power for the ITP in accordance with the needs of the client's objects.
  • Selection of main and auxiliary equipment for ITP in accordance with the Client's technical requirements and calculations performed.
  • Implementation of hydraulic calculations of ITP.
  • Conduct an analysis of changes in the mode of operation of the heating system at the Client's premises after the implementation of ITP.
  • Development of pre-design of ITP.
  • Development of detailed design of ITP.
  • Approval of design of the ITP with the Customer and the Client.
  • Implementation of design changes of ITP at the request of the Customer or the Client.