Feasibility study and business plans

  • Development of the proposal for the most optimal technology and selection of basic equipment
  • Calculation of necessary investments
  • Calculation of operating expenses
  • Calculation of a simple payback period

Financing and receiving grants

  • solid fuel boiler and water heating boiler on biomass (on wood chips, straw, peat, husk, household and agricultural wastes)
  • CHP and heat generators on biomass
  • farm and industrial biogas plants
  • individual heat points
  • sewage treatment equipment

Engineering and Design

Specialists of the company solve various issues that arise in the process of technological engineering, designing, examination, equipment delivery, construction and subsequent introduction of the facility into operation

As part of design and estimate documentation development we offer:

  • Assistance in developing the concept of the object together with the Client and forming a plan for the implementation of the project
  • Development of basic engineering together with the technology supplier
  • Pre-design work
  • Designing (stage P)
  • Examination of the project
  • Preparation of tender and contract documentation for the supply of equipment, assembly and construction work
  • Technical support of construction and field supervision

Project Management

In order to implement a complex project in accordance with the schedule, declared power, productivity and budget, professional project management come to the fore.  In connection with this, our company offers project management services as "Customer Service", or EPCM-contractor (E-engineering, R - procurement organization, C - control of construction, M - project management):

  • Support in resolving land issues
  • Connection to networks
  • Supply of equipment (selection by tender)
  • Preparation of documents for design (TC, TT, etc.)
  • Development of project documentation
  • Chief supervision of installation and construction, commissioning
  • Putting into operation, obtaining a license, receiving a "green" tariff, etc.
  • Selection of operators, support and personnel training